FAQs - Key Covers and Car Key Issues

What are key covers?

Key covers serve as stylish and protective coverings for your remote key, flip key, or smart key. They give your car key a new refreshing look and protect it from dust, water, and accidental damage. These key covers are molded according to the car key, ensuring a perfect fit.

Understanding your car's key:

Most modern car keys are three keys in one:

  • A mechanical key to release the steering lock.
  • A coded 'electronic transponder chip' read by the car when the key is inserted into the ignition.
  • A remote control to unlock doors and turn off the alarm. These keys are secure but can also be expensive and time-consuming to replace if lost or broken.

Transponder key:

Electronic, coded transponder chips embedded in the plastic body of the key were introduced from 1995. The chip is passive, so it doesn't need a battery – the code is read when you turn the key in the ignition. If the transponder chip is broken or missing, the engine won't start, and the immobilizer's control unit will have to be reprogrammed if/when you obtain a new key with a new key code.

Remote controls:

Virtually all new cars are supplied with a remote control to unlock the doors and turn off the alarm.

What should I do if the remote control of my car key doesn’t work?

Check if the battery is drained out. Cars with remote central locking should have a bypass system using the normal metal key to unlock the doors without setting the alarm off. It should allow you to lock and unlock the car doors manually.

What to do if your car's key body gets damaged/cracked/broken?

You need to get your car's key body replaced as soon as possible to avoid damage to the remote circuit.

What to do if your car's key blade gets damaged/cracked/broken?

You need to get your key replaced.

I lost my car keys. How can I get a replacement?

Contact your car dealer or your nearest auto locksmith who has a genuine key cutting and programming tool. They would help you make a spare key.

Understanding keypads:

Keypads are made up of rubber which gets damaged, cut, or deteriorated with time. The most common cause of this damage is that most people press the buttons with their nails pointed toward the button, which cuts the soft rubber. Replacing the damaged keypad is undoubtedly important not only for cosmetic purposes but also to save the internal remote circuit board from dust and water, which can cause permanent damage to the circuit.

How would a worn-out/torn/damaged/broken keypad affect your car's key?

If your car key's keypad is worn out, torn, damaged, or broken, it may allow dust/water inside your key shell, thereby resulting in a non-functioning remote. You need to get the worn-out/torn/damaged/broken keypad replaced with a new one as soon as possible to avoid further damage to your car key.

Please note that these FAQs provide valuable information about key covers and car key issues.